Blyth Homestead

Litchfield National Park


Blyth Homestead.

Originally Blyth Homestead was built on a property neighbouring Stapleton Station, located about 40km east over the Tabletop Plateau, near Adelaide River township.

Step back in the time and experience the pioneering spirit of the Sargent Family and their restored homestead.

Located within Litchfield National Park is the historic Blyth Homestead. Wander through the interpretive displays and witness relics of days past. See the old tin mine (now in ruins) as well as observing the tough conditions of yesteryear.

The name is given from the land title, Hundred of Blyth, in reference to Arthur Blyth the Commissioner of Crown Land for the South Australian Government.

Amazingly after Harry Sargent purchased the property, he and his young whippersnappers (children) disassembled the homestead, transported it over the Tabletop Plateau by using a cart pulled by 32 horses. The home was then rebuilt in 1929 by his teenage children and was their permanent camp. It was used by only 4 or 5 children at any one time. In the dry season they managed grazing cattle and in the wet season focused on the Mt. Tolmer Tin mine. Abandoned in the 1960’s it serves as a reminder of the hard times that families endured in the Top End.

The homestead may be inaccessible in the wet season (November – April) and access is by four-wheel drive only.

Blyth Homestead

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May, June, July, August, September, October


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Darwin, Batchelor, Kakadu

Historic Blyth