1 Day in Litchfield National Park Traveller Itinerary From Darwin

When exploring the Northern Territory, visiting Litchfield National Park is an absolute must! It’s one of the most accessible national parks in the Top End and only a 90-minute drive from Darwin – which makes Litchfield the perfect destination for a day trip! You can explore the park’s highlights without a 4WD, as the sealed road provides a perfect loop.

This guide offers the best one day in Litchfield National Park itinerary, highlighting some of the best stops along the way. 

A Day Trip to Litchfield

Picture of waterfalls in Florence Falls
Florence Falls by @aus_z8 on IG

Are you planning a trip to Litchfield National Park in the dry season? The one-day itinerary below is a great way to explore. 

Important Note: As with all national parks in the Top End, be crocwise all year round and only swim in designated areas. 


First Stop: Litchy Signage

From Darwin, head down to Batchelor, and you’re already at the gateway to the park. Stop at the National Park sign for a quick photo before heading to the Magnetic Termite Mounds. It’s only a short stroll down a boardwalk to an open area with hundreds of termite mounds. Take a close look, and you’ll see the north-south direction that gave these mounds their name. Head back to the car park and walk over to the other side, where you’ll find two enormous cathedral termite mounds; their size is simply mind-blowing! 


Photo of Litchfield National Park signage
Photo by @aus_z8 on IG

Second Stop: Buley Rockhole

Picture of a man and a woman in Litchfield National Park
Photo of @aus_z8 on IG

Your next stop will take you to the first swimming spot; there are even two right next to each other. The first one is Buley Rockhole, a series of shallow and deep holes, some of them perfect to sit in, others just asking you to jump in.


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Third Stop: Tolmer Falls

After a rest, it’s time to explore the next highlight: Tolmer Falls. It’s not possible to swim here, but the views over the majestic falls are well worth the walk. The next swimming spot is around the corner, though, and it’s probably the most famous one: Wangi Falls. From the car park, follow the paved way down to the falls. There are a few walks, and one of them provides the perfect photo opportunity with Wangi Falls in the background. Again, some steps are to ease the way in and out of the pool. Take your floatie so you can relax in the water on your way to the falls on the other side.


Picture of Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park
Wangi Falls by @aus_z8 on IG
Picture of Florence Falls from above
Florence Falls by @aus_z8 on IG

Fourth Stop: The Cascades

Picture of Curtain Falls
Photo by @aus_z8 on IG

The last stop on this loop will take you to a hidden gem! Considered a quieter swimming spot, you might only see a few other visitors at The Cascades. The walk to the Upper Cascades is a 3.3km moderate to difficult return hike offering stunning views from the Tabletop Plateau. You’ll see the rock pools as you make your way down. Depending on the season, you can also wander down to Curtain Falls. It is a perfect swim to wrap up your day exploring Litchfield National Park. 


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Cover photo by @aus_z8 on IG.