Mastering the art of marketing Northern Territory destinations for 3+ years!

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Travel & Tourism

We hand pick the tours we provide to you. These tour guides and travel insights have been highly curated to ensure that you are provided with an unforgettable experience. We love to have repeat business as we know that you’ll love all the Northern Territory has to offer and we want you to come back and bring your friends!

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Sustainable Travel

National Parks are sacred to the Norther team and we’d like to ensure they stay that way. We partner with companies that are focused on ensuring that only footprints are left. We believe the Earth is a precious for not only our generation but for generations to come and our intention is for it to stay this way.

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Mission & Values

That anybody can participate in enjoying all that the Northern Territory has to offer. A big part of our mission is ensuring that we get the word out of how amazing the natural beauty of the NT is. We value the sacred land of Australia’s first nations people and encourage those who journey with us to understand their stories and honour those who have walked before us.

About Norther

We make marketing NT Tourist Destinations Easy

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Accessing information on National Parks in one spot.
Preparing for a national park visit can be daunting to find information. There are many bloggers, sites, tours and suggestions from locals. Norther makes this easy by being the one destination to find all the information about the National Park or tourist destination you are visiting.


Seamless experience.
Our interest to market the Northern Territory came from a place of great passion. We’ve built on this passion to offer travel and adventure companies the ability to market their mission focused products on our social media and web sites all in one easy and streamlined experience. With a daily audience of over 8,500 and counting: we’ve got the audience you want!

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Litchfield National Park is an ancient landscape shaped by water. It features numerous stunning waterfalls that cascade from the sandstone plateau of the Tabletop Range. The Park covers approximately 1500…

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With a little planning, it’s easy to get to Litchfield National Park from anywhere in the world. Travellers that fly to Northern Territory can rent a car in Darwin (1.5…

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There’s no greater convenience than staying right in Litchfield National Park—waking up with all the Park’s natural wonders right at your doorstep. With a range of accommodations — from family-friendly holiday parks…

People Power

Our Guides are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Why our team works so well.

Wanderlust: We love traveling and the beauty that comes with exploring new destinations. Many of us work remotely and thrive on being in new countries or participating in new cultures. Part of our identity is to help others feel the passion that we feel when traveling.

Empathy: Listening is a key component of our team cohort. When we hear an issue that arises rather than put it in the too hard basket we thrive on making lemonade out of lemons. We pride ourselves on having a team that is initiative and solution driven.

Patience: Just like waiting for a delayed plane we practice patience. We know that sometimes the immediate solution is not always the best and we like to create long lasting relationships.


People who always support and endorse our good work!