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      338 Native Animals
      6 Waterfall Experiences
      974 Native Plant Species
      330,000 Visitors to the Park

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      Maddie Knutson – USA
      Maddie Knutson – USA "Litchfield is one of the most beautiful places on earth. If is as if you've entered a surreal dream, swimming under warm waterfalls, all the whilst knowing that unpredictable adventure waits for you."
      Bonnie Krantz – Sweden
      Bonnie Krantz – Sweden "Swimming in cascading waterfalls, relaxing in rockpools, adventuring in the outback, making memories that will last a lifetime. Litchfield National Park is such a sacred place: a must-see when visiting the Northern Territory."  
      Daly Kelly – Australia
      Daly Kelly – Australia "Litchy is great - the outback, animals and swimming all rolled into one! "


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