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We want to preserve the natural beauty of Litchfield National Park because we’re so lucky to have it on this earth. What better way than do it with your family. By joining our Ambassador Team you’d be part of an incredible community of travellers and explorers, whose only mission is to have fun and take care of the environment of Litchfield National Park.

Our mission is to assist travellers in exploring Litchy’s amazing beauty. Whether it’s planning the next big trip, scouting and sharing somewhere for the weekend, or simply watching a video about a fascinating place.
We enjoy helping travellers discover fascinating spots, so they can get out, and go explore Litchy.

Litchy’s audience is interested in discovering the most extraordinary places to go and things to do in the park. Litchfield National Park is renowned for spectacular waterfalls, safe swimming and opportunities to experience the rugged landscapes of the Top End.

We cater to everyone, from the active traveller, to the aspirational explorer. A partnership with Litchy allows you to reach others who love travelling as much as you do and connect. 

A partnership with us will inspire your friends, family and fans to get out there and enjoy the best of Litchy with a focus on:

Respecting the First Nations traditional owners of the land is essential to exploring. We also encourage travellers to be considerate of others around them. Exploring Litchy is a privilege we do not take for granted and making sure the general environment is safe for all.
Sustainable travel, we encourage travellers to be more environmentally conscious, particularly in relation to waste disposal. This means everyone has the chance to enjoy the land, especially future generations. Following park rules is an essential part of this.


How does it work?

  1. Fill out an Ambassador application so we know more about you.
  2. Share your adventure with us on the Litchy page or via email [email protected].
  3. Connect with other adventurers on our facebook group that is a wealth of resources for you on your journey. 


Ambassador Perks

  1. Featured content
  2. Free products
  3. Community impact
  4. VIP events
  5. VIP tours and Restaurant invites
  6. Local Hints and tips


What our ambassadors have created so far:

  • Story takeovers
  • IGTV
  • Blog pieces
  • Featured images & videos
  • Highlights
  • Camping ideas
  • Trip Ideas
  • Top Spots to visit


If you’re interested in working with us and receiving reach that exposes your content to over 20k viewers daily please fill in the below.

We will be in touch via email or phone.

If your application is time sensitive please send an email to [email protected] to advise that you’ve filled the application and the deadline that you need to hear back.

In adventure,

The Litchy Team

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We value the sacred land of Australia’s first nations people and encourage those who journey with us to understand their stories and honour those who have walked before us.

If you are a National Park enthusiast like us, we would love to connect with you. Please comment below if you’ve been to Litchfield National Park and have enjoyed it’s beauty.

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