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Wangi Falls Campground

Wangi falls is one of the most popular locations in Litchy. The location is popular not only to photographers and nature lovers but thrill seeking swimmers too. Swimming is allowed here, but restrictions apply during the wet season once the water reaches a pre-set level. This is due to dangerous water currents and the risk of estuarine crocodiles entering the plunge pool with the increased water levels from the nearby wetlands. The Park rangers will open the pool to swimming once the water level is below the pre-set level, and a survey has been conducted to ensure no estuarine crocodiles have entered the pool during the closure. People spend from 2 hours to a whole day here, the plunge pool being a great place to relax and read a book or just enjoy the scenery.

The campground is within walking distance of the falls and a plunge pool. This is also one of the most popular camping grounds around for a reason. The falls flow all year round and they are stunning!The campsite is a short walk to the swimming hole too. In the event of an emergency, an emergency call device (ECD) can be found near the car park. Come and enjoy this thundering waterfall with connected walking trials, and epic views that are a photographer’s dream!



This is category A campground, it  offers more facilities than other sites in the park. It is an easy drive and all vehicles including caravans can access this campground.You can reach this camping area with 2WD. You will need to book in advance online before your trip to guarantee your camping spot. The sites are fairly secluded from each other, offering good privacy. There are free gas BBQs, a toilet block with flushing toilets, hot showers and sinks for washing dishes.Other facilities in the park include:

  • showers
  • toilets
  • rubbish bins
  • picnic tables
  • cooking facilities or services
  • Water is available but bring drinking water as the water here is not drinkable unless it has been boiled first. 
  • Non-powered caravan camping sites are available.


Accessing Campground 

Via Batchelor, 100 km south-west of Darwin, the Park is generally accessible all year (sealed roads) via Batchelor. In the dry season it is also possible to get to the Park via Cox Peninsula Road (which is unsealed).


Camping Fees

  • $12 per adult
  • $6 per child (5 to 17 years)
  • $30 per family (2 adults and 4 children)


Campground Rules

  • Generators are not permitted in Litchfield National Park.
  • Swim only where recommended, observe warning signs.
  • Pets are not permitted.


Camping Safety

  • Before setting off, make sure you get advice about the area where you will be travelling.
  • Tell a friend or family member where you are going, who will be with you and when you expect to return.
  • Plan carefully. Make sure your camping equipment and vehicle are in good working order.
  • Take a hat, sunscreen and sturdy shoes for when out and about in the bush.
  • Be aware of the different weather conditions at different times of the year. Extreme cold in the south can be just as dangerous as heat in the north.

Insider TIP: Bring Mosquito repellent with a DEET base. The swarms of mosquitoes that emerge and attack at dusk will be pesky if you do not protect yourself.