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Need a solitary camping experience? Walker Creek is the campground for you. Nestled along the creek bed these secluded campsites are the way to go when you want solitude in Litchfield National Park. There are 8 campsites and each one has a fire pit making it ideal for marshmallows in the bush.

Camping Sites

The campground is a category B campground meaning it has less facilities than other sites in the park. However what it lacks in facilities it more than makes up for in dreamy appeal. The creek is accessible by 2WD but you will need to walk to your campsite.With the furthest campsite 1.8km walk from the car park you might need to pack light. Each of the 8 campsites has a fire pit and convenient access to swimming.

The campsite has 2 toilet blocks. One is located close to the carpark and another about 300m past campsite 5. If you are keen on roughing it, you can choose a spot about a 100m from your campsite and away from the water ways. Just dig a deep 15cm hole and be sure to cover it up afterwards. You also need to bring drinking water as the water is available but not drinkable without boiling first.

Other facilities include:

  • toilets
  • picnic tables
  • barbecues
  • tap water

You will need to pay Camping Fees to camp here:

  • $6 per adult
  • $3 per child (5 to 17 years)
  • $15 per family (2 adults and 4 children)



Swimming is permitted unless temporarily signed for closure due to environmental or wildlife hazards. You can swim at the creek near the day use picnic areas located by the car park or at the designated campsites.There is a shared swimming rock pool at campsite 6.Swimming is discouraged at sites that are occupied by campers.


Walker Creek Walk

This 3.5 km return walk is simply spectacular! You can swim in the creek near the picnic area or at a shared camping and swimming hole at the end of the walk. It is ideal for both hiking novices and seasoned ones.

PS: Please respect the privacy of campers along the way.

 Length: 3.5km

 Duration: 2hrs

 Grade: 3

 Style: Return

 Start: Walker Creek Car Park

 End: Walker Creek Car Park


Preparing for your trip

  1. Book and pay for your spot online for the designated camping spot. DO THIS BEFORE YOUR TRIP
  2. Bring drinking water and food to eat 
  3. Bring tissues for the toilets in case you might not find any.
  4. You can barbecue here so collect fallen timber for firewood from the main Litchfield Park Road.(keep fires in the designated fire pits please be fire safe and protect the park and the animals that live in it)
  5. What to do in an emergency:
  6. When washing up with soap or detergent, be  50m away from waterways. This protects the animals in the water from pollution and is a must do.
  7. There are picnic tables available so your group can have a spot to eat and enjoy nature