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Are you keen to fly your drone and capture the serene scenes for recreation at Litchfield National Park?

Here are a few things you need to know before you are able to do this:

  • You need a permit to fly a drone in Litchfield National Park.
  • Type of permit By-law 32 Operation of aircraft permit. This permit will allow you to fly in approved parks for 12 months. The applications are processed within 5 business days.
  • Where to apply? Apply here
  • Follow all the drone flying rules of the park.

Rules to follow when flying a drone in Litchfield National Park

There are rules you will need to follow once you have the permit and it is imperative that you follow them all when operating your drone in the National Park. 

  1. No flying within the Wangi Falls area or at Sandy Creek Falls. (CASA Regulations – within 5.5 km of aerodrome – Wangi Falls Helipad and Sandy Creek are landing sites for helicopters.)
  2. With a permit, you can fly your drone in areas generally open to the public in the Park.
  3. Fly your drone in a way that does not annoy or create a hazard to park visitors, disturb wildlife or interfere with park management operations.(Be mindful when flying your drone)
  4. Only fly your drone in your line-of-sight during daylight hours and don’t let the drone get too far away from you.
  5. Fly your drone to avoid crowded areas, including waterholes, campgrounds and picnic areas – do not fly within 200m or over these sites while they are in use.
  6. Avoid flying near staff houses, offices or workshops – do not fly within 200m or over these sites.
  7. Elsewhere, fly more than 30m away from people, animals, vehicles, boats or buildings.
  8. Fly no higher than 120m (400 feet) above ground level.
  9. Fly in a way that does not create a hazard to other aircraft – keep at least 5.5km (3 nautical miles) away from an airport, airfield or helicopter landing site. This restriction affects many parks and reserves.
  10. Seek consent before recording or photographing people and let them know if you wish to film from your drone – ask if they mind or wait until they go.
  11. You must not fly over or near an area during emergency operations – this includes accidents, bushfires, flood emergencies, police operations and search and rescue activities.
  12. If you wish to fly your drone for any commercial purpose or financial gain, you need a By-law 13 Commerce and trade permit and must notify CASA. This includes film and photography. The applications are processed within 5 business days.
  13. You must stop flying your drone if Parks and Wildlife staff ask you to.
  14. Read up on the CASA code of conduct for drone usage. When you fly your drone, you’re sharing the skies with others. By following these simple rules, we can all enjoy the air together.


Please note: If you fail to stop flying your drone when asked to, you may be issued with a fine. For more information contact the Parks and Wildlife Permits and Concessions Office.

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