Snap Bait: Croc Culling NT Government Gives Green Light to Croc Culling

The Northern Territory is making waves with its latest saltwater crocodile management plan, and it’s got everyone talking. In a move aimed at boosting swimmer safety and managing the apex predators, the government unveiled its Saltwater Crocodile Management Program for the next decade.

Photo by @TheOutbackRep

Croc Culling Debate

Saltwater crocodiles have long been a point of fascination in the Northern Territory, and this new plan reignites the controversial conversation around croc culling.

Following a shocking incident at Wangi Falls, where a 67-year-old man was attacked by a saltie, the government is ramping up efforts to keep swimmers safe. With the croc population rebounding to pre-colonial levels, tough decisions need to be made.


Crocodile Management Enhancement

Under the new program, up to 1,200 crocodiles can be culled annually, a significant increase from the previous limit of 300.

But the new plan isn’t all about culling. The plan also includes significant funding towards innovative technologies for crocodile detection and monitoring, supporting Aboriginal ranger groups, and bolstering resources for the government’s Crocodile Management Team. 

Of course, with big decisions come big debates. While some champion the move for swimmer safety, others advocate for alternative solutions. 


crocodile jumping out of the water
Photo by @TheOutbackRep

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Northern Territory Development

But, the plan doesn’t just focus on croc culling – it’s also creating opportunities for Aboriginal job growth and participation in the crocodile industry, which pumps millions into the Northern Territory’s economy.

Whatever your stance, this news is important for the wild landscape of Australia’s Northern Territory.


What’s your opinion on croc culling in the NT? Comment below!

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