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Surprise Creek Falls: Litchfield National Park’s Hidden Gem

Surprise Creek Falls is tucked away in the heart of Litchfield National Park. Nestled amidst lush greenery and serene surroundings, this waterfall offers an off-the-beaten-path excursion for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Perfect for a day immersed in nature, this waterfall is a bucket-list adventure in Litchfield National Park. 

This Surprise Creek Falls guide has everything you need to visit this natural wonder. We’ve included information on how to get to Surprise Creek Falls, top things to do and see, 4WD essentials, and camping options nearby. 

Surprise Creek Falls in Litchfield National Park
Photo of Surprise Creek Falls by @wondersellid_instas

How to Get to Surprise Creek Falls

Surprise Creek Falls is located on the Reynolds 4WD track, which is between Tolmer and Wangi Falls. This track connects with Daly River Road on the southern side of Litchfield National Park.

The 44-kilometre-long road also allows visitors to visit top attractions in Litchfield National Park, including Blyth Homestead and Tjaynera / Sandy Creek Falls.

From Darwin: It is about a 1.5-hour drive south of Darwin. If you’re starting from Darwin, take the Stuart Highway (National Highway 1) south and then turn onto Batchelor Road (State Route 36) towards Batchelor. From Batchelor, follow Rum Jungle Road and turn onto Litchfield Park Road, which leads you directly into Litchfield National Park.


The Trail

Once inside Litchfield National Park, follow the signs to Surprise Creek Falls. The track to the waterfall is approximately 8 kilometres long and accessible only by 4WD vehicles. The journey offers stunning views of the park’s unique landscapes, including rugged terrain, monsoon forests, and pockets of freshwater pools.


Surprise Creek Falls in Litchfield National Park
Photo of Surprise Creek Falls by @tickerofftouring

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aerial of Surprise Creek Falls
Surprise Creek Falls by @itjordy

Top Things to Do

  • Hiking: Lace up your boots for a short but scenic hike to Surprise Creek Falls. The track winds through dense vegetation, offering glimpses of native flora and fauna along the way.

  • Swimming: Take a refreshing dip in the calm waters of Surprise Creek Falls. The plunge pool at the base of the waterfall provides the perfect spot to relax and unwind amidst Litchfield’s beauty.

  • Photography: Use your camera or smartphone to capture beautiful views of Surprise Creek Falls. The cascading waters, framed by diverse foliage, create a stunning backdrop for photos.

  • Picnicking: Pack a picnic and enjoy a leisurely lunch amidst the serene setting of Litchfield National Park. There are designated picnic areas near Surprise Creek Falls, with tables and facilities.


4WD Essentials

Before starting your journey to Surprise Creek Falls, make sure your vehicle is equipped with essential 4WD gear. This includes recovery equipment such as a snatch strap, rated shackles, and a shovel. Additionally, carry sufficient supplies of water, food, and emergency provisions, as services may be limited within the park.


man and woman standing in front of car
Photo by @wondersellid_instas
Aerial of Surprise Creek Falls in Litchfield National Park
Photo of Surprise Creek Falls by @Workhalfplayhard

Camping Options

Camping is an option for those looking to extend their stay. The Surprise Creek Falls campground is considered one of the most remote campgrounds in Litchfield National Park. It is a category B campsite with a tin shed pit toilet and designated barbecue areas. Wangi Falls and Florence Falls both offer camping areas nearby with amenities, including toilets, picnic tables, and barbecue facilities. 

Be sure to check availability and book your campsite in advance, especially during peak seasons.


Best Time to Visit Surprise Creek Falls

The best time of year to visit Surprise Creek Falls is during the dry season, which runs from May to September. During these months, the weather is cooler, and there’s less chance of rain. 

Early morning or late afternoon is best, as these times offer cooler temperatures for exploring. Plus, this time of day can provide a more peaceful experience with fewer crowds.

Is Surprise Creek Falls Open? 

Surprise Creek Falls is only open during the dry season. For updated information, check the official government website.

aerial of Surprise Creek Falls
Surprise Creek Falls by @adventures.offgrid

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Cover image by @itjordy