The Litchy Loop: A Traveller’s Two-Day Litchfield Itinerary

Entering Litchfield National Park, you are met with an array of experiences yielded by nature; there are towering red cliffs, endless forestry, breathtaking creeks, swimming holes and, of course, waterfalls; and the list goes on. Better yet, the park’s layout allows you to make the most of your 48 hours if you follow this route: the “Litchy Loop”.

Read our Litchfield itinerary below for a memorable two-day adventure. 

Day 1 – Litchfield Itinerary

An image of Zebra Stone
Photo by @mollyannatravel on IG

Zebra Stone

It cannot be denied that the waterfalls took the crown during our trip to Litchy, but I have to give credit to other spots that made our trip so memorable. Zebra Stone was first on this list of unexpected favourites and the first stop on your two-day itinerary. A quaint gallery at the park’s entrance, this little spot tells the story of a family who mine a stone here in the Northern Territory that dates back over 600 billion years! You can also purchase unique and affordable handmade jewellery, which I, of course, couldn’t resist.


Termite Mound 

The next stop on your loop was, again, unexpected for us. The endless field of termite mounds was impressive to witness. Even more so when you see one up close with the termites hard at work. It is incomprehensible that such tiny creatures can create something so large in comparison. So please take a quick stop to appreciate their hard work and see it for yourselves. We were definitely impressed! But don’t gaze in awe for too long. There are waterfalls to see in this wonderland.


Picture of Cathedral Termite Mound in Litchfield National Park
Cathedral Termite Mound in Litchfield National Park by @mollyannatravel on IG
Drone shot of Florence Falls
Florence Falls by @mollyannatravel on IG

Florence Falls

Just a short drive up the road, it’s finally time to see a waterfall. And this was my all-time favourite. Florence Falls is a twin waterfall; two beautiful streams fall into a pool of crystal blue and green water. A little haven of towering cliffs surrounding the swimming hole, we spent hours relaxing in the freshwater, swimming right under the falls and admiring the scene from the viewpoint.


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Buley Rockhole

Pop right next door for the last stop of the day: Buley Rockhole. Buley is a beautiful natural staircase of individual rockholes. They are each connected with cascading water flowing from one to another, creating a collection of emerald green swimming holes, perfect for another refreshing dip on your first day in Litchy. Perch on the rocks for a late lunch picnic, cool off in the crisp water and enjoy the scenery; beat that NT heat whilst soaking up the serenity of it all.


Buley Rockhole in Litchfield National Park
Buley Rockhole in Litchy by @mollyannatravel on IG

Day 2 – Litchfield Itinerary

Picture of Tolmer Falls in Litchfield National Park
Photo by @mollyannatravel on IG

Tolmer Falls 

Day two is all about waterfalls. There are three on this next leg of your journey, situated one after the other on your Litchy Loop. Your first stop is one for the eyes only. You cannot swim at the base of Tolmer Falls, but you can walk to the viewpoint and take in the beauty of this endless waterfall and the turquoise water it descends into.


Greenant Creek 

Next up, Greenant Creek leads to an infinity pool that crowns Tjaetaba Falls’s top. A beautiful swimming hole with mini falls of cascading water to one side and an impressive cliff edge overlooking the national park on the other. What more could you want?


Picture of one of the waterfalls in Litchfield National Park
Photo by @mollyannatravel on IG
Picture of Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park
Wangi Falls by @mollyannatravel on IG

Wangi Falls 

Saving the best until last is one of Litchy’s most famous falls, and for good reason. Wangi Falls is made up of two impressive falls that soar down endless red cliffs into a huge swimming hole. Take a dip, of course, but also follow the boardwalk and the trail to the top of the escarpment to be immersed in Litchy’s endless forestry. 

And now you’re at the end of your loop and, therefore, your time in Litchy; you have seen all the best it offers. Head to Berry Springs next on your Top End adventures, and take your memories of one of Australia’s most beautiful national parks.


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Cover photo by @mollyannatravel on IG.


One thought on “The Litchy Loop: A Traveller’s Two-Day Litchfield Itinerary
  • This looks like an idyllic trip, the photographer has managed to capture the essence of Litchy in all its glory. Not been there but if I ever was, I'd definitely follow this loop. Brilliant