Walker Creek Camping: Secluded Retreat + Private Swim Hole!

Planning a camping trip in Litchfield National Park? If you’re on a budget or are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind amenity, check out the Walker Creek campsite! Not only is this Litchfield campsite budget-friendly, but it also features a private swim hole, which is perfect for post-national park adventures!

Read about our first-hand experiences at the Walker Creek campsite and details on what you can expect if you book a night at this hidden gem. 

Walker Creek Campsite - Everything You Need to Know

We had NO idea about this campground in Litchfield National Park. Just over an hours drive from Darwin’s CBD, you are surrounded by trees in your own private campsite with your own swimhole! Talk about a dry season dream!

When we told a colleague that we were heading off to explore Litchfield for a few days, she could not recommend Walker Creek Campground enough. When we looked into it, we couldn’t find a lot of information on what to expect (a blessing really because WOAH we were literally gobsmacked). 

How to Book: We went onto the NT Government website, then booked and paid our camp fees through the Northern Territory Parks Booking System – or you can create an account here. We then typed in ‘Litchfield National Park’ to narrow down our camp grounds, and selected ‘Walker Creek’. It even shows you a map of the campground to help you choose your site and pick the dates they’re available!

Small waterfall falling into a natural rock pool in Walker Creek at Litchfield National Park
IG @theycallaustraliahome_ at Walker Creek in Litchfield National Park
Green camping tent at Walker Creek in Litchfield National Park
IG @theycallaustraliahome_ camping at Walker Creek

Walker Creek Campsite Cost

In August 2022, it cost us $6 for two people for one night! And honestly, we wish we booked for longer. The reason why it was so cheap is because it is a walk-in only campground, which we LOVED because it meant we were really just out there in nature, with only the things we absolutely needed. Of course, that included some wine, cheese and crackers… 

What’s included: There is a raised table/seat and fire pit at each campsite, so we didn’t feel the need to do another trip for our chairs. There are two spots along the track that have toilets, they aren’t too far of a walk from the campsites so the morning trip to do your bizz isn’t a chore. There aren’t any rubbish bins, so please-please-please take your trash with you. Because when you’re outdoors, another man’s trash IS NOT another man’s treasure. 


What is a Walk-in Camp?

You literally park your car, get your things together, check out the area map on the info board and then walk to your designated campsite number. 

This campsite is linked up with one of Litchfield’s famous multi-day hikes, the Tabletop Track. So, if you are thinking of doing the Tabletop, we’d definitely recommend booking into Walker Creek for at least one of the nights on your journey!

But for those only wishing to hike into camp and out again, the campsites begin at site 1 just around the bend from the car park and first day visitor swimming area. From there, each site is approximately an additional 200m from one another.

If you’re day visiting, you can choose to walk up to campsite 6 where there is a larger swimming area and it’s the only site where the day trippers can swim.

Did we forget to mention that EVERY OTHER SITE HAS THEIR OWN SWIMMING SPOT! Most of them are quite private and secluded or away from the main track. What. A. Dream.

Woman in dark bathing suit sitting next to a small water stream in Walker Creek at Litchfield National Park
IG @theycallaustraliahome_ enjoying the peaceful Walker Creek
Man with a hat having a picnic next to a natural pool in Walker Creek at Litchfield National Park
IG @theycallaustraliahome_ ejoying a picnic at Walker Creek

What We Packed for Walker Creek Campsite

  • 6 drink bottles (love a good Nalgene)

  • Swimmers

  • Basic cooking utensils (eg. Hiking stove, small pot, chopping board, cutlery, bowls and mugs)

  • Beers and wine (poured the wine into a Nalgene so we didn’t take any glass in)

  • Cheese and crackers, and dinner/breakfast food.

  • Hiking tent (some sites are big enough for a normal tent, we could have taken our 6 man if we wanted to)

  • Sleeping mat (we actually took our big double Exped, but could have taken our hiking mats or yogo mats if we wanted to carry less)

  • Mosquito coils

If you do want to check out the other campsites, call out to see if there are campers there and ask. Most people have booked these sites for the purpose of privacy, and we definitely gave some day visitors a fright when they walk through the trees to see a couple of naked bodies enjoying their own private pool…

Check out our Instagram post to save this info for your next trip!

Have you visited Walker Creek in Litchy? 

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About the author: Kieran and Eden are the couple behind both the @theycallaustraliahome handle and They’ve been traveling Australia since August 2021, and when they aren’t working as guides in the Outdoor Tourism industry, Eden’s got a camera in hand whilst Kieran has a fishing rod.