Top Things to Do in Litchfield National Park with Kids

Planning a family holiday to the Northern Territory? This guide gives you some of the best things to do in Litchfield National Park with kids. In addition to the top sights and attractions, we’ll highlight where we stayed that was family-friendly and tips to make your adventure memorable!

After hearing all the rumours about how amazing Litchfield National Park was, we knew we had to get ourselves there and explore what was on offer.

Three kids on the viewing deck facing Wangi Falls, one of the top things to do in Litchfield National Park
Bodhi, Kai, and Blaire admiring Wangi Falls

Camping at Wangi Falls

The base camp for us was Wangi Falls Campground. We prefer off-grid camping, and as a bonus, Wangi is relatively central to all the sights. Litchfield National Park has no rubbish bins, so you must be sure you capture all your rubbish and take it with you. There is a Toilet/Shower block here that is clean and tidy if needed.

Cost: It was $63 per/per night for a Family (up to 4 kids) for the National Parks Pass and Wangi Campground. Other optional pricing can be found on their website, including Croc safety and what’s open and closed in the park. 

In our opinion, three nights in the middle of September with 40º+ days was just enough time to see a few sights and have more to return for.


Family-Friendly Things to Do in Litchfield National Park

Exploring Reynolds River 4WD Track

We ventured off for a day on the Reynolds River 4WD Track, which, let us tell you, did not disappoint! There is so much to see driving along here, and the places this track takes you that you would not usually be able to get to if you didn’t have a 4WD is something pretty special and worth exploring. The magnetic and cathedral termite mounds are quite quirky and cool to see. They made our large 4WD look like a Hot Wheels car. 


A 4WD in Reynolds Track, one of the top things to do in Litchfield National Park
Photo by @everydazeasunday on IG
A man swimming in Surprise Creek Falls
Surprise Creek Falls by @everydazeasunday on IG

A Refreshing Dip at Surprise Creek Falls

The day was spent driving the corrugations, through the bull dust, driving along the tracks that were both open and some more tedious to navigate along with river crossings, the kids were forever spotting new things moving along the track. There is a short walk to get to Surprise Creek Falls from the carpark and a little bit of a steep rock climb if you’re like us and choose to swim in the middle rock pool, but worth it as the kids loved jumping the rock jump to cool off, plus knowing there’s less chance of sharing the water with a reptile. 


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Swimming Adventures at Florence Falls and Buley Rockhole

On our last day in the park, we visited Florence Falls and Buley Rockhole, which are both considered top things to do in Litchfield National Park. Florence Falls, we chose the short walk of 132 stairs and shared the falls with many people. Nonetheless, it was stunning here, and we still managed to find a little spot to swim by ourselves and even a splash underneath the waterfall for the kids. We would highly recommend trying your luck at sunrise or sunset. Unfortunately, we saved the BEST for last, Buley Rockhole. 


Mother and son swimming under the waterfall
Photo by @everydazeasunday on IG
Family with kids all smiles in Buley Rockhole
@everydazeasunday on IG in Buley Rochole

Buley Rockhole: A Family Favourite

This was our absolute favourite spot and the most family-friendly. These Rock holes cascade down the rock edges, and with plenty of spots to choose from, you can either have some fun jumping into the deep spots or sit and relax in the shallows. You always hear people say, “Save something to come back to for next time,” and we indeed have done just that. We recommend this site as one of the best things to do in Litchfield National Park with kids.



Our “Everydaze A Sunday” Journey

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We are Grant, Tamara, Bodhi (7), Kai (5), and Blaire (4), and we travel Australia full-time as “Everydaze A Sunday.” We document our journey, provide our children with a practical education like no other, and make the most of those 18 Summers they say you get with children before they grow up—for us, trying to live every day like Sunday.


Grant, Tamara, Bodhi, Kai, and Blaire

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Cover photo by @everydazeasunday on IG.