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A Traveller’s Guide to Litchfield National Park in November

Are you planning a trip to Litchfield National Park in November? This is our story of exploring Litchy with our family. We’ve included details on the top attractions and things to do along the way during this time of year. 

Picture of people swimming in Buley Rockhole in Litchfield National Park
Buley Rockhole by @avandownunder_ on IG

From Dundee to Litchfield

We were more than halfway around Australia in a caravan, a long way from our Brisbane home and staying in an icon of a spot, Dundee, NT, when I had planned a ‘day trip’ from our accommodation on the coast.

You would think I would have a better sense of direction and distance, having travelled 8000 km, but I don’t. As we travelled with another family, we all got ready to visit the much anticipated Litchfield National Park, particularly Florence Falls and Buley Rockhole


Family Adventures

Getting four children between 2 and 13 into the car is no mean feat; we discovered that the drive would be over 161 km, which was too ambitious for us for a ‘day trip’. So, at this point, we reassessed and knew we had to plan this adventure for another day. We rescheduled our trip to make sure that we were able to explore these stolen wonders.

We arrived and settled into our new accommodation just outside Litchfield National Park at The Litchfield Tourist Park. First thing in the morning, we packed out sunscreen, hats, bathers, snacks, noodles, snorkels, and anticipation. It was only a 32km drive, which was much better; we were there before I had to break out any snacks!


Picture of trees, plants, and water in Litchfield National Park
Photo by @avandownunder_ on IG

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Buley Rockhole

Picture of Buley Rockhole
Buley Rockhole by @avandownunder_ on IG

Buley Rockhole in November

In Litchfield National Park in November it was very hot. We were very ready to go for a swim! We pulled up and searched for the pathway. We didn’t need to walk far, and we found the most natural man-made path that was winding down into the Rockholes.

We just stopped and stared; I believe Flynn (a 10-year-old boy) said, “Woah, I am going in, Mum, can I?”. We honestly couldn’t believe how fantastic this spot was, considering we only found out a week before that this place existed WOW.


Crystal Clear Swimming Hole

We dropped our bags and headed for the rock hole that lay in the middle; it was crystal clear! Fresh! Enticing! This place went straight to being in our top 5 locations around Aus. Hands down! It was like we were meant to find this place; we all just found a spot to sit, soak and relax. Apart from the kids, they jumped from the small ledge straight into the deep pocket of the Rockhole.


Picture of a father and daughter smiling in Buley Rockhole
@avandownunder_ on IG all smiles in Buley Rockhole
Picture of a spot in Litchfield National Park
Photo by @avandownunder_ on IG

Natural Wonders

We moved from the middle to the top to the larger Rockhole down the bottom, each as splendid as the next. Each is different from the other. Looking around, I thought how privileged we were to be there! Yep, it’s pretty special! Sad to leave this pace, that is for sure, but it’s time to see what else Litchy had to offer!

Florence Falls

Exploring Florence Falls

Florence Falls was around the corner, and we wondered how this could be better than the rockholes! We walked down the staircase and saw the falls from a bird’s eye view, and the sound of the water was exciting! We went down the 160 steps; good for the ticker! To see those falls up close was so cool, just nature’s power and beauty! I know that is cliché, but it’s true!


Picture of trees and two waterfalls
Florence Falls by @avandownunder_ on IG
People swimming in Florence Falls
Photo by @avandownunder_ on IG

Swimming Fun

We swam straight out to those waterfalls and let it wash over us. The force was intense, but something about it drew us in! Dan (the better half) had the most fun under the falls than any of us and played under it for ages, laughing like a little kid! Chloe (a teenager) couldn’t get the smile off her face as she swam around the big pool that was cupped by tree-laden walls.


Chasing Sooty Grunters

An unexpected pleasure was the school of sooty grunters. This gave my son hours of joy as he followed them through the little inlets that bled out from the main pool. He tried to catch them but had no luck, and they were too fast.


A kid about to jump in the waterhole while smiling.
Photo by @avandownunder_ on IG

I hope our family can revisit this beautiful place one day. Litchfield, you are just a special place; thanks for letting us explore and experience all you have to offer.

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Cover photo by @avandownunder_ on IG.