Tjaebata Falls

Top Litchfield National Park Swimming Holes – 2WD/4WD Guide

We spent more time in the water than out during our trip to Litchfield National Park. Each spot along the way had similarities but also felt completely different. In this blog, we’re focusing on the best Litchfield National Park swimming holes. These are the best places to take a dip when travelling in a 2WD and 4WD.

A girl bikini wearing a hat in Wangi Falls
@75vibes_ on IG admiring the beauty of Wangi Falls

1. Wangi Falls: Hidden Plunge Pool

Wangi Falls stands as a testament to the sheer magnificence of nature’s architecture. You can feel the cool mist from the falls when taking the short walk from the car park, and it’s a nice relief from the Northern Territory’s sun. It’s one of the best Litchfield National Park swimming holes for a reason.


Wangi Falls Tips

  • Swim to the opposite side to find the fantastic plunge pool directly below the falls.

  • At sunset, stand on the platform and look up as thousands of fruit bats take flight over the falls.

  • 2WD is accessible, and no hike is required.


Photo by @75vibes_ on IG

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Wangi Falls top view
Photo by @75vibes_ on IG

2. Florence Falls: Twin Elegance

We arrived early to Florence Falls to beat the crowds and enjoyed the empty pool of crystal water. The power from the two massive drops was incredible as we swam close to the falls.


Florence Falls Tips

  • Bring along something to assist with swimming, like an inflatable tube; that way, staying in the water for longer is easier.

  • 2WD accessible and short hike required.


Beautiful Photo by @75vibes_ on IG
Bird's eye view of Buley Rockhole taken by @75vibes_

3. Buley Rockhole: Nature’s Spa

Buley Rockhole is the perfect natural spa. It has a series of natural rock pools connected by gentle waterfalls, and we found each pool offers a unique sensory experience—some are calm and soothing. In contrast, others massage tired muscles with a gentle cascade. This is one of the most unique Litchfield National Park swimming holes. 


Buley Rockhole Tips

  • Arrive early to experience the peaceful sounds.

  • Explore the many levels to find the best spot.

  • 2WD is accessible, and no hike is required.


Picture of Buley Rockhole in Litchfield National Park
Buley Rockhole by @75vibes_ on IG
Image by @75vibes_ on IG
Picture of Surprise Creek Falls with 2 person floating
Surprise Creek Falls by @75vibes_ on IG

4. Surprise Creek Falls: A True Adventure

 We jumped in our friend Landcruiser to make the trek out to Surprise Creek Falls. We arrived at the car park after many river crossings and narrow dirt tracks. It was only a short hike into the falls, and the swimming was incredible. There are three unique places to enjoy a dip and multiple places to jump in.


Surprise Creek Falls Tips

  • Allow a half-day to enjoy this water hole fully. The drive-in is an experience in itself.

  • 4WD only and ideally travel in a convoy.


A picture of a woman wearing a hat in bikini sitting down while holding a cup in Surprise Creek Falls
@75vibes_ on IG enjoying a cuppa in Surprise Creek Falls
Couple in Tjaebata Falls

5. Tjaetaba Falls: Nature’s Gem

We took the moderate 2.7km walk to the top of Tjaetaba Falls and enjoyed a sunset dip. It’s incredible to swim on top of a waterfall for a change, and this spot is much quiet compared to the famous water holes in Litchfield.


Tjaetaba Falls Tips

  • Bring good walking shoes.

  • Great spot for a sunset.

  • 2WD accessible and 20min hike.


Aerial shot of couple swimming in Tjaebata Falls
Photo by @75vibes_ on IG

So, if you’re searching for waterfalls, pools, and natural wonders, look no further than Litchfield National Park. Litchfield National Park swimming holes offer an experience beyond the ordinary and immerse you in the extraordinary.

Have you visited any of those spots in Litchy? We’d love your feedback on this page. Comment below if you’ve been to Litchfield National Park or visited one of these top locations! Get your daily fix of Northern Territory beauty by following @litchfieldnationalpark on IG or on FB here.

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Cover photo by @75vibes_ on IG.